HIGH Graphics OPEN WORLD Games For Android

OPEN WORLD Games For Android

Games like GTA Online that you can play on your Android device. We all played GTA 5 and now almost everyone is bored of playing GTA5 games. But GTA Online is a game that you will never get bored of. Here are 3 games that are very similar to GTA Online.

Vice Online — 3D Multiplayer

Vice Online offers an open-world sandbox-like game experience where players can hang out with their friends without the pressure of hard competition. Explore 60-players city playground filled with a wide assortment of luxury cars, boats, aircrafts and dozens of fun activities.

Gangs Town Story

Ready to immerse in gangster life in grand open world game with theft auto? You are in a criminal city in the middle of gangland, it could be any criminal city – Las Vegas, New Orleans, Los Angeles or Chicago. But definitely you are in the mafia open world full of crime, gangsters, gang wars and dirty cops. Gangs are ruling here!


Hassle Online is an open world multiplayer action role-playing game with no limits, with thousands of players on one map. Join the criminal world of your native land and gather your gang of friends or take the side of the law and arrest the entire underworld! Make new friends, move up the ranks and become on top of the world.