High Graphics Games Like GTA5 For Android

High Graphics Games Like GTA5 

Games like GTA 5 for Android phones which you can Play on Your Android Devices. All these games are inspired by GTA 5 and in these you will be able to enjoy GTA5 Missions , that too in your Android Device .

GTA5 With Missions

This is a GTA5 fan made game created by R-user Games. Inside this game you will get to see some missions of GTA5. Here you will get to see the initial mission of GTA 5 as well as realistic graphics.


GTA ViA is a very advanced level fan made game for mobile. All the main characters of GTA 5 will be seen in This Game. Inside which you will get to see the complete map of Los Santos.

GTA Monkey

Inside this GTA5 Fan made Game you will get to see the character of Franklin, inside it you can also spawn supercars using cheat code.

Cheat Codes – 

444888666 : Enable Heist-Bag

111555111 : Spawn Buffalo

111555222 : Spawn Zentorno

111555333 : Spawn Entity

111555444 : Spawn Turismo

111555666 : Spawn Tyrant

111555777 : Spawn Tempesta

111555888 : Spawn Infernus

111555999 : Spawn Vapid FMJ

111555000 : Destroy last spawned vehicle

1116660000 : Destroy all vehicles