Cinecam Mod For Minecraft PE 1.20+

-:ALL Credits Goes To Respective Creators :- @mcpedl/cinecamĀ 

Today I am going to tell you about the cinematic mod for Minecraft pocket edition, you must know that it was not available for Minecraft pe and even if it was, it was not that good but this one is perfect, in this, you can use the controls of your game. You can make cinematic, you need to install a mod, then you can make it easier.

Java Edition’s exclusive cinematic camera in Bedrock Edition! Uses simple chat commands to control the speed of camera, launch and stop the Cinematic Camera. Useful at recording footage an videos.

Creating cinematic scenes in Minecraft involves a combination of planning, building, and video editing. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a cinematic in Minecraft:

  1. Planning:
    • Determine the story or concept for your cinematic. Decide on the theme, setting, and purpose of the scene you want to create.
    • Sketch out a storyboard or write a script to map out the sequence of shots and camera angles you want to use.
  2. Building:
    • Set up a creative mode world in Minecraft where you have unlimited resources and can fly.
    • Construct the environment and structures needed for your scene. Pay attention to details and aesthetics to create an appealing cinematic setting.
    • Build the key elements of your story, such as characters, props, or specific landmarks.
    • Use commands or mods (if applicable) to control weather, time of day, or any other environmental factors that enhance the cinematic experience.


How to use?


CineCam uses commands to use cinematic cameras. Use > as a command prefix

The only command is “cine cam”(with prefix “>”)

It has 2 arguments, “launch” or “stop”. Stopping has a delay (1second). There’s also an optional argument, strength, which is written just after “launch”. Strength is used to control the speed. Lower value is faster and bigger value is slower, more cinematic. Default value is 1.

Use “–walk” after strength to be able to move in cinematic mode. Use “–nolimit” before strength to remove strength limits(0.25-5.00).

“>cinecam help” opens in-game manual.

Examples of CineCam commands:

>cinecam launch 0.25


>cinecam stop

>cinecam launch –nolimit 5.5 –walk

>cinecam help


— Mod Devloper’s Official Video ( Support Him) —